Replace a published video without breaking the link

Protect your links and search ranking with Replace Video, which lets you replace a published video without breaking the url.

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  • Simple Replace Process
    With just a few clicks you can replace the video so there is no downtime when publishing is sensitive.
  • Protects Links and SEO
    Perserves URLs that are already in place, avoiding broken links, while keeping embeds intact across the web.
  • Available on all Service Plans
    The Replace Video Feature is available on all Vidcaster service plans.

Next Generation Video Marketing

Vidcaster is a video marketing platform that gives businesses the power to launch branded video channels on their domain without the need for IT and development resources.

Vidcaster partners with tools like Salesforce, Marketo, Silverpop, KISS Metrics, Google Analytics, HapYak, among others, to provide measurability, interactivity, and conversion tools designed to engage audiences of all types.

"Vidcaster is helping Informatica Cloud go beyond our YouTube channel with a video resource site that is easy to navigate and optimized for SEO. Our sales team loves it!"
Darren Cunningham VP of Marketing Informatica Cloud